Foster Care Outcomes and Statistics

The current Foster Care/Child Welfare system is broken beyond repair and needs to be reengineered. This has been thoroughly documented in numerous independent reports over several decades. To reiterate the detailed findings in its entirety would be redundant. Instead, we decided to provide our findings in a graphical format and links to three top professor in the Child Welfare field below.   

Nearly one third of the children in foster care reported being abused by a foster parent or another adult in a foster home. That study didn’t even include cases of foster children abusing each other. What's even worse, statistics suggest bleak futures for children who grow up in foster care, therefore as a society, we are failing our countries children and we need to save the children now! 

An independent study on Child Welfare and Foster Care system was conducted by the management consulting firm of Mitchell & Associates. Because both systems are intertwined and federally funded state managed programs, the scope of the project was intended to review the intersection and requirements of federal funding and the total number of children affected nationally.

The scope of the project used current business model best practices, for project management, change management and business process reengineering, determine opportunities for business process optimization and efficiencies. In other words, “What work and changes need to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions desired”. The review which was conducted over the course of 14-months, included, but was not limited to, examining hundreds of documents relating to processes, procedures, policies, finances, laws and the judiciary.

After reviewing the study output, FPF determined that a paradigm shift was necessary in the Child Welfare and Foster Care services because it just doesn’t work constitutionally or fundamentally to protect the rights of children. In fact, it was having the opposite effect on children in long term foster care service, and most importantly, it was unnecessarily tearing families apart.

2019 AFCARS Report

- 24% of foster children are between the ages of 0 and 2

- 18% of foster children are between the ages of 3 and 5

- 28% of foster children are between the ages of 6 and 12

- 40% of foster children are between the ages of 13 and 21

- Average # of birthdays a child spends in foster care: 2 

- 22% of children had three or more placements during a length of 20 months in foster care

- 91% of foster children under the age of 2 are adopted.

Links to published Professors with books and numerous article who are considered experts in the field;

- Professor Daniel Hector: University of Baltimore, Author of "The Poverty Industry: The Exploitation of America's Most Vulnerable Citizens" Hatcher has testified before Congress, the Maryland General Assembly and in other governmental proceedings regarding several issues affecting children and low-income individuals and families. Hatcher's scholarship has addressed the conflicts between state agencies' revenue maximization strategies and the agencies' core missions to serve low-income children and families – including the practice of state foster care agencies converting foster children's Social Security benefits into state revenue, Medicaid maximization and diversion practices, welfare cost recovery policies in the TANF program, and foster care cost recovery through child support enforcement.

- Professor Vivek Sankaran: University of Michigan, Author of "Rethinking Foster Care: Why Our Current Approach to Child Welfare Has Failed" and "A Cure Worse Than the Disease? The Impact of Removal on Children and Their Families." Sankaran advocates for the rights of children and parents involved in child welfare proceedings. His work focuses on improving outcomes for children in foster care by empowering their parents and strengthening decision-making processes in juvenile courts.  In 2009, Professor Sankaran founded the Detroit Center for Family Advocacy, the first organization in the country to provide multidisciplinary legal assistance to families to prevent the unnecessary entry of children into foster care. In 2011, he was named Michigan's Parent Attorney of the Year.

Professor Dorothy Roberts: University of Pennsylvania, Author of "Shattered Bonds: The Color Of Child Welfare" Roberts, an acclaimed scholar of race, gender and the law, joined the University of Pennsylvania as its 14th Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor with joint appointments in the Departments of Africana Studies and Sociology and the Law School where she holds the inaugural Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander chair. She is also founding director of the Penn Program on Race, Science & Society in the Center for Africana Studies

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