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About the Family Preservation Foundation

Family Preservation Foundation was forged out of necessity because we were concerned that children's and parental rights were slipping away in America. Children need to be raised by loving nurturing parents, and not the government. If fact, based upon federally reported statics and child welfare outcomes, the government has done a horrible job at raising children by any measure. (Foster Care Statistics)

Each day we see that children's and parental rights are not being upheld in the courts. This includes, but is not limited to vaccination, religion, education, medical and other parental rearing choices. To combat this, we are empowering parents by provide free legal assistance, education and support, while defending the rights of children and their families to remain together, that are currently being traumatized by family separation due to the government overreach.

Everyone, especially the less fortunate and low-income who cannot afford legal representation, are being unwittingly caught in the clutches of child protection services, when there is no harm to the child, because of vague, overbroad and not narrowly defined statutes which are affecting children’s and parents rights alike. It is a systematic attack on the single-parent, nuclear and extended family unit.

Family Preservation Foundation works to preserve the parental rights through community and professional education regarding matters relating to parental rights and child welfare matters. We support the "Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution", Bill H.J. RES 36, and advocate for state and federal policy legislation which respects parental rights, children rights and the universal rights of the extended families like Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.

Every child has priceless value and unlimited potential regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Children should be protected, and nurtured to their full potential, but that is not what is happening with the current Child Welfare and Foster Care System. Unbeknownst to the general public, our country has silently victimized over 9 million children nationally in the last 20-years by putting them in the foster care system when there was no physical harm to the majority of the children. (CPS Statistics)

If we look at one state for example, Minnesota, as reported last year to the federal government, 15,004 children were in foster care and they have the highest amount of native American's in out-of-home placement in the nation.

When we look at what has been happening in our nation over a 20-year period, the sheer number of children effected is staggering. Although we have a child welfare system in America, what we think is happening, and what is actually happening are two entirely different things. As a society, we are failing to protect these children. We must save the children; for every child is priceless!

After 52 years as a law-abiding citizen, the founder, Dwight Mitchell, was falsely accused of child abuse. He became involved in a legal battle with child protection services of Minnesota and prevailed. This experience showed him how utterly broken the current system of child welfare and foster care is in America.
Like so many other trusting Americans, Dwight assumed that if child protection services were involved in the investigation of a family or removal of a child, the parents must be guilty of extreme child abuse. 


People assume that Child Welfare or CPS interventions are only in extreme cases of abuse, but this is far from the case. In fact nationally, only 12% percent of the cases are for allegations of physical abuse and 4% for allegations of sexual abuse. The remaining 84% of the cases are being removed from the family home, and being placed in foster care, based purely on allegations of neglect, where is no evidence of physical harm to the child whatsoever.  

The law does not restrict child removals to extreme cases of abuse or neglect. Children are removed in what are called “dependency proceedings”. The word “dependency” is used because the outcome is to make the child a “dependent” or ward of the court. In the law of many states, dependency is defined not as abuse or neglect but as the parents’ “capability” to provide “care and supervision”, or as a question of the “well-being” or “welfare” of the child. So, the threshold for child removals is actually much lower than actual physical abuse or neglect. But instead of helping these families retain their children, CPS is tearing them apart and traumatizing their children. 

Currently, as reported to the U.S. Congress, 437,283 children were removed from their families in 2019 and placed in foster homes as published in the federal Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System Report (AFCARS) as of September 2019 (Click here to see AFCARS report)

Subtracting 12% percent of the cases are for physical abuse and 4% for sexual abuse, there are approximately 367,317 children in foster care where children, parents and extended families may need legal representation so that these children can be RESCUED and returned home. We will be challenging the allegations and legality in all of these types of Child Welfare and CPS retentions because the government does a horrible job at raising children.

Family Preservation Foundation, on behalf of their parental rights association filed the first of many federal civil rights lawsuits that will challenge the legality of our Child Welfare system. [Case Number: 18-CV-01091] Currently, the FPF legal team is preparing a petition to file with the Supreme Court of the United States in December of 2020, which advocates for the rights of children and their families.

The organization will file additional associational lawsuits moving forward and continue to litigate cutting-edge cases, where liberty interest are at stake, which include protecting the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of this nation’s most vulnerable citizens, its children.

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Family Preservation Foundation believes every child deserves a happy, healthy and safe future with their family and loved ones. We are working to save the children of America. Since our founding, we’ve changed the lives of many children in in the United States. We give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We do whatever it takes to save our children – every day and in times of family crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share. We are a top-rated charity.


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