Free CPS Pro Se Defense Help Kit Video Education Series

Unit 7 - CPS Defense Video Educational Series - Working Effectively With Your Attorney

The video educates the viewer on Working With Your Private Or Court Appointed Attorney. You can ask your attorney for advice as you continue to re-evaluate your goals, but you are not obligated to take their advice.

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Unit 9 - CPS Defense Video Educational Series - EPC Hearing Through Disposition Trial

The video educates the viewer on the Emergency Protective Care (EPC) Hearing Through The Legally Required 60-Day Disposition Trial. Parents should always request the 60-Day Trial and never volunteer or cooperate and participate in the Case Plan before the 60-Day Trial.

Click on the link below to download the PDF companion handout to the video.


Family Preservation Foundation Free CPS Defense Legal Video Library

Our number one priority is to keep children out of the failing foster care system and with their families whenever possible!

Family Preservation Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization based upon family first principles. We have created this FREE online Child Protection Services / CPS legal defense resource center, as a way for individuals and families to self educate, defend themselves and protect their civil rights if they are involved in a CPS investigation.

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