Mother Reunited With Son - Wins Legal Battle!

Family Preservation Foundation Wins CPS Legal Battle For Mother!

Judge sides with Minnesota mom Amanda Weber after months-long battle with Child Protection Services (CPS). Judge rules disinformation used to remove child.

Parental rights are eroding in America!

There were two key pieces of evidence from two hospitals - Children’s Hospital and St. Cloud Medical Center - that said Amanda Weber's son was 100% okay, he just had a cold, yet Child Protection Services still filed a petition to remove her son from the family home, when there was no harm to the child. 

Family Preservation Foundation is fighting for the rights of parents and their children. Children belong with their loving parents and should ONLY be separated based upon a compelling government interest and strict scrutiny test.

Currently this is not happening anywhere in America! There is no constitutional right to be a parent in America. The Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution is before Congress this session. See our page at: https://familypreservationfoundation.org/the-parents-rights-amendment

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