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As a top charity organization, Family Preservation Foundation relies on generous contributions from supporters like you. We are operating on the frontlines in the fight for children's and parents rights, because we believe that all families have a right to a safe and secure future.  We’re working to change the lives of millions of children in the U.S. by stopping the traumatization being caused by unwarranted family separation. (See Charity Rating)

The community has made it possible for Family Preservation Foundation to do what we do best: advocate for children's and parents rights, and to shift support in favor of family first, as well providing client services on behalf of individuals involved with the foster care system. Together, we are making a difference.

FPF is a not-for-profit, public interest, educational, and legal aid organization dedicated to the idea of preserving children's rights, empowering parental rights, family preservation, family first ideology, rescuing children from unwarranted forced parental separation, and restoring the respect for children’s rights that allow them to be with their biological parent, or extended families whenever possible, and safe to do so. Thus preserving the family unit and core American values.

Your donation is secure and tax-deductible.  Family Preservation Foundation, Inc., is an IRS Recognized 501(c)(3) organization (Employer ID# 83-0976811).

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