Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children Initiates Fundraising Campaign to Support Continued National Expansion

By: Minneapolis (Preweb) August 2, 2018

Legal Battle Rages in Federal Court to Overturn Laws That Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children Believe are Unconstitutional and Unnecessarily Separate American Children from Their Families and Place Them in Foster Care When There Was No Harm to The Child! As Last Reported, 437,465 Children Were Removed Nationally, But More Importantly, 2,637,381 Children Have Been Forcibly Separated from Their Parents in The Last 10 Years.

Family Preservation Foundation, Inc. dba, Stop CPS from Legally Kidnapping Children, is an association of parents which has grown from 250 to over 3,600+ members in 90-days. The organization unveiled a new national fundraising campaign in their ongoing community involvement program serving the children and families of America. The new national initiative resolves to make children’s wishes come true by recusing them from a force separation situation and reuniting them with their families.

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We have a moral obligation to keep American families together. Doctors have known for nearly 100 years of social and emotional studies that every day a child remains separated or detained from their families causes irreparable harm. We urge the United States government to prevent the separation of children from their parents whenever possible and to limit the duration of any such separation when it occurs. Forced family separation surely ends a childhood and is unacceptable.

The association of Minnesota parents brought a civil rights lawsuit against state and county agencies enforcing Minnesota’s child protection laws in April of 2018. The founder Dwight Mitchell, and the group Stop Child Protection Services (CPS) from Legally Kidnapping feel that Minnesota’s child protection laws are unconstitutionally vague and overbroad, triggering unnecessary investigations and putting children at risk for being removed from their homes unnecessarily without any harm to the child, based solely on allegations and social worker discretion, which basically translates to the freedom to do whatever the caseworker wants. United States District Court - District of Minnesota - Case Number 0:8-CV-01091.

This has become a nationwide epidemic which requires every parent’s immediate attention. Our national strategy is based on stopping the travesty of state child protection agencies legally kidnapping children under laws Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children believes are unconstitutional. The nationwide litigation strategy against the 50 states’ child protection systems is focused, simple and will require resources to fund.

Please see our about page and mission statement on the website for detailed information, research and statistics.

Our Mission Statement;

Protecting the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of our most vulnerable citizens children, through litigation.
Establish National 1-800-SCPSLKC child removal crisis call center.
Establish offices in all 50 states to coordinate nationwide litigation strategy, child attorney efforts, and legal aid clinics.
Providing Pro Bono legal services to all children in foster care.
Providing Pro Se Legal Guides and Packets for Each State
Assisting the court by identifying standards Stop CPS from Legally Kidnapping Children believes are unconstitutional, thereby lowering the number of new children unnecessarily entering the foster care system.
Being not an enemy, but a friend of the government by only seeking governmental excellence.
Getting rid of any "bad apples" so that the social workers who truly wish to do good can succeed.
Actively investigating and exposing corrupt CPS social workers.
Advocating for jury trials relating to all matters relating child dependency.
Seeking, per Christian-inspired values, to restore respect for “Family First” and biological relatives using secular legal tools to compel reunification.
Running legal rights awareness campaigns relating to children and their parents.
Children and Family Counseling

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