Speechless Minnesota: Guest Dwight Mitchell of Family Preservation Foundation

In a stunning interview, Tim Kinley speaks with Dwight Mitchell who explains his run in with Minnesota Child Protection Services of Dakota County.

Dwight had a child legally kidnapped from by CPS and wasn't returned to him for 22 months with all charges dropped.

We explore his story and how and why the courts and CPS kept this parental alienation going for such a long time.

Dwight Mitchell is the founder of Family Preservation Foundation and the parental rights group "Stop Child Protection Services from Legally Kidnapping Children".

The associations forged out of necessity in 2017 to defend the rights of children that were being traumatized by the government due to forced family separation.

Everyone, especially the less fortunate, were being unwittingly and unconstitutionally caught in the clutches of child protection services when there was no harm to their children because of unconstitutionally vague, overbroad and not narrowly defined statutes which are affecting children’s and parent’s rights alike.

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