Real News with David Knight discuss Parental Rights Amendment with Dwight Mitchell

David Knight Interviews Dwight Mitchell the founder of Family Preservation Foundation regarding the Parental Rights Amendment before Congress and the petition on the White House website to urge Congress to take up the Bill this session.

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PLEASE SHARE: Citizens 13-years old and above can review and sign the petition!

Family Preservation Foundation launches a “We the People” petition at the Whitehouse.gov website which would call on the current administration to urge Congress to take up Resolution H.J.Res.36 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to parental rights.

About the Family Preservation Foundation: Throughout the United States, children are needlessly removed from parents for “infractions” that have traditionally been accepted practices in many homes.

The Family Preservation Foundation was forged out of necessity because we were concerned that parental rights were slipping away in America. Children need to be raised by loving nurturing parents, and not the government. If fact, based upon federally reported statistics and child welfare outcomes, the government has done a horrible job at raising children by any measure. (Federal Statics)

Each day we see that parental rights are not being upheld in the courts. This includes, but is not limited to vaccination, religion, education, medical and other parental rearing choices. To combat this, we are empowering parents by providing free legal assistance, education and support, while defending the rights of children and their families that are being traumatized by family separation due to the government overreach.

The nonprofit seeks legal reform and to decrease racial disparity in the Child Welfare system.


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